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How to fix Cold Start for Gas Vehicles

In event of gas cars not starting in cold temperatures like during the winter or through a cold night where the car is exposed to, then carry out the following procedure to get your car starting and get it running on the road again: •Check that your car has enough water – Check if the […]

How to Optimise Gas Consumption

In order to achieve the maximum and best gas consumption for your vehicle, following the tips below will increase your chances of achieving this goal: •Check all gas systems are fully maintained, and regularly serviced. – This includes taking your car to a car service shop like Kismet Mechanical to get the fuel lines and […]

Driver Safety Tips

When it comes to driving, safety is the top priority especially for the person behind the wheel – the driver. Here are some driver safety tips for you to remember and consider: •Do not drive if you are fatigued. – A driver should always be attentive on the road at all times. Being tired will contribute […]

Know about Car Dynamics

If you are having problems with your vehicle with any of the listed issues below, follow some of these basic car services: •Car shaking at speeds of 80 km/hr, without applying brakes?       – This means you have a problem with your tyres. It can be bubble in the tyre, tread worn out, […]