Auto Transmission Repair Specialist in Sydney

We Kismet Mechanical know how niggling and complicated a car’s auto-transmission part is. At a moderately limited range of engine RPM, engine does work competently, and only at a mid range, it uses the energy to its fullest. The experts at Kismet Mechanical perfectly know the mechanism and they do make the engine output converted into speeds and torque to make the car practically drivable. Our experts have been dealing with auto-transmission mechanism over a decade now and been successful to make the auto-transmission regulate automatically, utilizing a compound system of mechanics and hydraulics.

Driving a car regularly may drop you in many unforeseen troubles in middle of the way. Some you can fix by yourself and some require expert hands. Taking auto-transmission under consideration, you will have to give a call to us if face complicacies. That’s why you are always advised to service you car’s auto-transmission on regular basis – specifically in every 12-15 months or once your car exceeds 25,000 km. We say that using car for dragging purpose or in any environmental activities cause a lot of stopping and starting –later what results in complicated auto-transmission. Sometimes, auto-transmission servicing requirements depend upon the car models as well. Some of car models need more regular and frequent servicing.

Car Transmission Mechanic Services in Alexandria

Expertise that we possess:

  • Exhaust transmission liquid up.
  • Take out the oil pan and make it dirt free.
  • Make a complete inspection over auto-trans liquid condition, proof of sludge and metal.
  • If only required, make the transmission flush.
  • Do away with the filter, clean it up and if needed replace it.
  • Hubs front and rear service.
  • We make your brakes supplied and fitted.
  • Tyre repair, fitting and balancing service.

We tell you the best way to ensure a properly working auto-transmission, and it is through frequent servicing carried out by skilled mechanics with specialized equipment at their hands.