Ventures Silver Taxi services Sydney

Kismet Ventures is a taxi base in Alexandria running 24/7, with a fleet of over 60 taxis.

Taxi Combined Services Sydney

All drivers call us now and choose a car from many different brands!

Some of our brands are listed below but are not limited to this list:

  • Silver Service
  • Apple Taxis
  • Station Wagons
  • Premier Cabs
  • Taxis Combined Services

Taxi Drivers Wanted at Kismet Ventures

All drivers looking for a car should call us or submit an enquiry from the contact us page. With a fleet of 60+ cars and many well known brands, there will always be a car for you! Getting the best possible taxi brand is no longer impossible with Kismet Ventures. Taxi brands like listed above will boost your visibility of being hired or called upon for as a taxi service. These means great income for you.

Silver Service Cabs Sydney

So what are you waiting for? Join the Kismet Ventures team today and drive the taxi you’ve always wanted!