Radiator Repairs Sydney

Radiator is one of the most crucial parts of a car. If you do not know much about it, you should at least know that it is located on the front and can be easily accessed for checking coolant levels. The purpose of a radiator is to keep a check on the engine’s temperature level. The radiator triggers the exchange of heat between the engine and the coolant as soon as the engine’s temperature rises.

Car Radiator Repair Alexandria

Kismet Mechanical can service and repair radiators of both petrol and diesel engines, regardless the model or make of your car. Regular radiator service is highly recommended because over the time, radiator fins get choked due to dirt and debris. This reduces the cooling efficiency and causes the engine to operate at a relatively higher temperature. At kismet Mechanical, we offer radiator cleaning so as to prevent overheating situations and unexpected breakdowns.

Radiator seems to be a standalone unit, but if you look closely, you will discover some hoses and thermostats that connect radiator to the engine. In older cars, it’s common for hoses to spill coolant from the point of contact or any big or small hole. A leakage will cause your radiator to run out of coolant quickly, followed by engine overheating. Our experts at Kismet Mechanical can repair any damage caused to the radiator or collaterals which support the cooling system.

We can detect and fix cracks anywhere on the radiator’s upper or lower tank. Also, if there’s any issue with the radiator’s cap or cooling fans, we can address it too.

If the needle on temperature gauge approaches the red zone, it’s a clear indication that your cooling system is not working properly. Get it checked by our professionals at Kismet Mechanical without much ado. With us, radiator repair in Sydney is quick and affordable.